Jumping June for our hearts

What started as a conversation has resulted in a whole school skipping event that took on an idea of every student learning how to jump over and through a skipping rope.

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By purchasing a range of skipping rope classes were able to start with the basic skills  – overhead with the arms and to use the double bounce to keep time.

There has been chatter in the staff room about the improvement in skipping capabilities across the rooms.

The Health and PE team set the date for the jump-off challenge. This added to the intensity. All classes rotated outside and into the hall to get their daily dose of skipping. 

A skipping tricks video was forwarded to the classes. This prompted a wide range of skipping skills to be used. Including jumping on a short rope while skipping in the large rope. To achieve this required timing and concentration. 

Teachers in the Te Mihi team used the video as a motivator for students to make their own skipping tricks videos. What is evident in these videos is a layer of compilation and stage setting that we have not seen before. Ropes make capturing on video hard if the scene is not planned. One student out of rhythm means the shoot had to be retaken. And then dealing with the bystanders who just walk through the middle of the shot. All good learning experiences for our budding cinematographers. 

A poster on the classroom windows and a Facebook reminder saw whanau come into the school to join in at the jump off. Teachers were jumping in and out of ropes and landing in awkward ways on the ground. No ACC claims as yet. 

The basic setup of a rotation around four stations in whare taiki groups. No longer than an hour – or so we thought.  

A playlist of songs to be sung and red faces at the end. One student told his teacher at the end of the first rotation that he had had enough now. Yet, at the end he was still skipping, smiling and laughing. 

The aim to learn to skip was a bi-product of the fun the school had together. There is nothing like hearing group chants and seeing our student leaders step up to support others in their group. Together we raised $400 for the Heart Foundation. 

Thank you to the team of teachers who prepared the rotations and skills sheets. A very successful school event.

2024 Farquhar

Paula Farquhar

The long snaking line of students at the skipping rope. Jump in, jump out and off they go, happy and excited. Some still have to "Learn It". Others have reached the "Prove it" stage. Many will remain, comforted to be in a safe inclusive group.

Since 2010, I have been the passionate Principal of this vibrant, successful, and innovative school. It's without hesitation, I say I'm focused on "accelerating growth for student learning outcomes".

My style is fostering a culture of professionalism formed on a solid foundation of critical reflection. My own professionalism is expanded through a network of advanced educational practitioners. Practitioners who extend my theoretical, philosophical and pedagogical base. Fundamental in my belief, is strategic dialogue will map learning and teaching so innovation and creativity can flow into an innovative curriculum.

From considerable leadership experience, I know the school's vision has to be "crafted collaboratively". The adaptive vision must be student driven with ambitious academic goals. Raising success hinges on repeatedly asking: "does this decision help realise the vision?"

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