Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Small ball skills is an aspect of the Health and Physical Education curriculum and Poihipi students have been mastering these as a team. Students were split into mixed class rotation groups to encourage them to build relationships with others by supporting one another. Learning outcomes have focused…

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When rolling a ball towards a target, teaching instructions focused on looking at your target, stepping forward, and swinging your arm to release.

When asked what he learnt at his rolling activity

We did underarm bowling so people that don’t know how, can learn. I had to bend my knees, get down low, look at whatever I was bowling at, then bring my arm forward to roll the ball.

Throwing Activity

With Whaea Angel we had a rainbow ball in the middle of me and my buddy. We had to do an overarm throw with a marble ball to hit the rainbow ball. We had to aim at the ball with one arm, then we had to push and throw the ball with the other.

When throwing a ball, students focused on how to position their body for different throws, and what types of throws work better in different situations.

When catching a ball, students practiced watching the ball go into their hands and using soft hands to catch. If the ball is coming to them slower and in front of them, they should try to use cupped hands to catch it.

The games help me get better at sports. I’m a bit bad at basketball and touch, so the throwing is helping me get better. 

The best part is getting fresh air and burning off some energy.

I was with Ms Bowler. It tested my throwing. I was good at it. I had to throw it underarm. It went up a little and then landed. Underarm is easier than throwing overarm.

Teachers have been encouraging students to take the Opportunity to learn new skills, have fun and show resilience if something doesn’t go their way.

I don’t get sad. It’s okay to drop the ball because I’m only learning and having fun. 

I just try my best. I like throwing the ball to my friends.

Remember Poihipi, keep your eye on the ball!

Feedback from teachers and students suggest that there has been some great learning taking place during PE sessions, along with plenty of smiles. One area to work on for students is hand-eye coordination to successfully track the ball from the air into their hands.

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I decided to pursue a career in teaching because I loved the idea of making a difference in the world by helping children learn and develop as people. It is rewarding to see the progress children make and to be a part of their learning journeys.

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