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Spelling is a fundamental aspect of written communication. It enables students to convey their thoughts, ideas, and messages clearly and accurately. This year the school is planning a spellathon fundraiser to not only raise funds for our book room, it also aims to grow and expand their spelling skil…

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For the new families to the school a Spellathon is a school wide event that combines spelling challenges with the objective of raising funds for school reading books. It is specifically designed to involve all students, harnessing their enthusiasm for learning while promoting teamwork, creativity, and healthy competition. Participants collect sponsors who pledge an amount for each correctly spelled word or offer a donation towards the students' efforts.

So what are some of the benefits of a Spellathon Fundraiser?

  • Promote Learning: By organising a Spellathon, we emphasise the importance of spelling and create an opportunity for our community to get involved in supporting students' educational achievements.
  • Enhancing Vocabulary and Spelling Skills: Spellathons provide a way for students to grow their vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation skills. They actively engage with words and develop a deeper understanding of their meaning and usage.
  • Giving back: Through a Spellathon Fundraiser, children learn about the importance of giving back to the community. They understand their capacity to make a positive impact, no matter how young they are.

There are a variety of  blogs, videos, and websites that have ideas for practicing spelling words in a fun and creative way. These can be used by parents at home to support with learning spelling words. Try these links for ideas:

Very Well Family

10 Fun ways to teach your kids spelling

Fun ways to practice spelling

Spelling training - a website where you can insert the words to practice and it creates games to learn the words.

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