Our Power Station Wairakei - Geothermal Dragons

Our design considerations

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First, we made a plan on how we wanted our power station to look. Then we brought our materials. We brought cardboard boxes, straws and much more to help us make our power station. We are a group of four with Hector, Josef, Stanley and Declan. We used straws for pipes, cotton for steam and cardboard boxes for the main power station building. It took us a lot of time because we had to glue lots of things and paint a lot of things.

How a geothermal power station makes power

Hot water comes from under the ground from a well and goes through a pipe, through a tank, and then to the turbine. The turbine will spin from the pressure of the steam. The turbine will then produce electricity by powering the generator. The generator sends power out to the grid. The extra water then travels through the cooling tower and goes into the injection well back into the ground. This is why it's renewable energy because it goes on and on, over and over again. It never runs out.

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Olivia Graham

I am passionate about teaching and learning, particularly in the areas of digital technology, languages, and the core subjects of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

I lead the curriculum area of Digital Technologies and I am the staff representative on the Board of Trustees.

I enjoy Wairakei Primary School for the whānaungatanga and close connections between staff and students. There is a strong community feel. Innovation and creativity are encouraged, and opportunities for students abound. Our place is one of life-long learning and showing POWER each and every day.


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