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Room 12 has been learning about persuasive writing as part of our Ohaaki inquiry. 

Persuasive writing is a way to present an argument. The writer uses words to convince the reader of their opinion.  

WALT follow a persuasive writing model 

Success Criteria 

My persuasive writing must have:

  • A title

  • An opening sentence that states your opinion e.g.  I think... or I believe…

This sentence is a statement and does not contain ‘because’.

  • Three reasons that support your opinion using sequential language  e.g.

The first reason is because ...

The second reason is because …

The third reason is because ...

Each reason should be a sentence and the word because can be used to explain your reason.

  • A conclusion  (restate your opinion again)

We started our learning about persuasive writing by writing a text to convince others what the best kind of pet was.  We celebrated our writing by sharing photos of the students in Room 12 with their favourite pets.


Lilly with her pet cat, Honey


Fletcher with his dog, Shae


Baylee with her favourite cat, Nala


Hunter and his horse, Feather


Lexi and Sue, the farm dog


Scarlett and her fiesty kitten, Holly


Paige and Brooke with their Nana’s dogs, Bonnie & Willow


Bianca with her fluffy rabbit, Clover


Danielle with her cat, Wobbles

We published the writing that had the best arguments.  Here are some of the children in Room 12 persuasive texts.


I think the best pet is my baby bunny and he is called Clover.

My first reason is because he makes me warm as he is fluffy.

The second reason is because he guards our house and keeps other bad animals away.

The third reason is because he’s playful with me when we play catch the torch.

My bunny Clover is the best pet.


I think the best pet is a cute cat and her name is Nala.

My first reason is because when I am crying Nala comes to me and helps me out. 

The second reason is because Nala sleeps on my bed for the night.

The third reason is because Nala plays with me after school at night time.

My cat Nala is the best pet.


I think the best pet is chocolate horse Kookie.

The first reason is because my horse runs with me when I am doing my jumps.

The second reason is because I love my chocolate horse when I brush her.

The third reason is because my horse plays fetch with her ball.

My horse Kookie is the best pet.


I think the best pet is a dog and it’s name is Cash.

The first reason is because she likes playing fetch with me.

The second reason is because she’s a good runner.

The third reason is because she’s good at jumping.

My dog Cash is the best pet.


We have also been writing a persuasive text about the best ice cream; and whether camping or staying in a hotel is better.  We are noticing that our reasons or arguments are becoming stronger and more convincing. Brainstorming as a group, prior to writing independently, helps us to develop ideas which allow us to write stronger, more convincing reasons.

The next step was to create a poster using persuasive and emotive language that would influence others. We looked at some great examples of these posters made by other children in the Ohaaki team.

Together we created some success criteria for a good poster:

  • Bold title in bubble writing

  • One big, colourful image 

  • A short statement to persuade

  • A border to create visual impact

Examples of Room 12’s persuasive posters.





Keywords: persuasive writing, sequential language, argument, reason, convince, Purpose and Audience,

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