Partition Party

Partition refers to a way of dividing a set amount or number into pieces. These pieces are known as parts of the partition. During this activity parts of the equation equals a given number.

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Room 4 has been learning to partition numbers to make an equation. Students were able to use what they had learnt in a RecallNReason game called Partition Party. This game helped put partitioning skills to the test. Students were able to make the game as easy or as complicated as they liked. Some students were able to break their number down into a simple equation like 3+4 = 7 - only using 2 numbers. Others were able to extend their thinking to using a multi-step equation. For example 2+4+3=9.

Eagerly, Jaxon and Max problem solved and worked out equations to play and to win the game.

This game is challenging because you have to make equations and then place 5. counters in a row.

I have to try and see where Harrison is going before I place my counters down.

You have to try and beat the other opponent by placing down counters. You win if you have 5 counters in a row.

The game is fun because you have to try and block people from getting 5 counters in a line. I find it challenging because people keep blocking me and I can’t win.

The game is fun and hard because you have to think of strategies to work out where best to put your counters to compete against another player.

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