Playground Drama

Playgrounds are a vital part of school - just ask any student. Along with the fun factor, playgrounds support physical and social development. Unfortunately, Wairakei Primary Schools current playgrounds are not accessible for some students with physical barriers.  

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Room 4 has looked into our current school playground as we are due to get a new one in the future and have planned a variety of new ones looking at the inclusion of everyone.

it sets future creation goals for the playground.

Andy and Grayson have shared their learning and thoughts about the process by writing a personal response. 

Our learning intention was to copy an image from a website and paste it on a blank page on google slides to be printed ready to design our playground and write a personal response about our current school playground using a variety of sentence starters.                                               

The task was to design a playground and explain what we think about the current school playground. In our writing books, most of us were able to independently brainstorm ideas before starting writing. We followed the writing process of write, edit, teacher check,  and  then published on our Chromebooks. 

Happily, we wrote about the “Pros and Cons” of what we like or don’t like about our current playground. After that, adding what should be added or removed from the playground. We were very proud of this writing and displayed the publishing on the wall under our own individually designed playground.

it is interesting to try and help disabled people.

Using Google Docs to publish, we could correctly use commas, spaces, and full stops to bring the reader in, but before publishing, we had to edit our writing. We green-pen edited. When editing we are looking for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. 

After publishing our Playground Drama writing, we copied images of playgrounds from 2 websites (Playground People, and, pasted them onto a google slide and printed the pages out. We then cut out the copied images, arranged and glued them onto an A3 piece of paper the way we would like our new playground to be set up. We had to think about the inclusion of everyone, who could play on what and how the set up looked for people in wheelchairs to be able to move around the playground.

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My mission here at Wairakei Primary School is to assist children in developing their passion and skills to become lifelong learners. I believe it is vital that we allow the children to have an impact on the world one step at a time.

On a personal note, I am a fun and energetic person who loves all things sport. You will find me on the sideline of almost any sports game. I am involved in touch rugby, social football and hockey. I am also a little bit of a gym-junkie, who is always up for a challenge.

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