Shiny Shades

What if you wanted to go on an adventure, and all you had with you was some shiny shades, a magic map and some mouldy mayo to help you get through? That's all you could use to get you through any problems that may arise!

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Shiny Shades, Magic Map and Mouldy Mayo?

This is the question Room 7 answered as part of our narrative study. During the  research stage, we looked into videos by Murray Gadd - dubbed in Room 7 as the “King of Literacy”. Throughout the video, Murray  gave us all the ins and outs of a successful narrative. We learnt that good writers need to have a setting, characters, a problem and a solution.  We took inspiration from his example book, Inside the Suitcase, written by Clotilde Perrin.

 learned that the stories needed a climax because the hero or main character had to overcome something. This makes the story relatable and pulls your audience in. That makes it fun to read for others and often teaches a life lesson.

I discovered that there is more than just writing that goes into a story. There always needs to be characters, descriptive words and dialogue. This takes a lot of planning, and because of this, my writing has improved.

Narratives need paragraphs and a lot of detail. You need to try and make it as exciting as you can so your audience is thinking, What’s going to happen next?

The class brainstormed to choose a range of items to include in the narrative and voted for the final three that were to be used. Once decided upon the students  were given a story starter, and their challenge was to create an interesting, engaging story using shiny shades, a magic map and some mouldy mayo.

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Teagan Hill

My journey in education began in 2016 as a teacher aide. My passion only grew as I worked with the students around me, and I began my teacher training.

Wairakei Primary is a place where I myself can continue as a learner and also support the students in my class on their learning journey. There is a real community feel from both the whānau of the school and the staff within, which makes it feel like home.

I moved to Taupō in 2021 for a change of scenery from my hometown of Thames, where I spent most of my life. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends and whānau at the beach or riverside in and around the Coromandel.

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