The journey of who I am so far

Room 4 has been exploring who we are as a person and what makes us who we are. Every child was asked to bring along items that are special to them. We call these items our Taonga. It gave us inspiration to write about ourselves and talk about why we valued these things more than other things.

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We used a handprint graphic organiser to plan our ideas before we started writing

We learnt about paragraphing and what this would look like in our autobiography. By using the handprint it made brainstorming our ideas and putting them into paragraphs a lot easier by keeping one idea to its own paragraph. Students now had an introduction, three things to talk about, and a conclusion.

Then the editing process began. Using a green pen to identify words we thought were incorrectly spelt or to find missed punctuation, we checked that our sentences made sense, and were corrected and added when we reread our autobiography out loud. For some of us it was a new skill to use the dictionary. There were lessons on how to do this correctly so it wasn’t so difficult opening up a book with hundreds and hundreds of words and becoming overwhelmed by it. 

We then up-skilled our digital skills to present our published work with a border, appropriate font size and colour to ensure it could be read easily. This was a new learning experience for some. Paying attention to the finer details when publishing was all new learning.  After editing and back and forth discussions to identify what needs fixing, we have finally got our final copies that we are proud to share. Take a look.


I love going to the lake with my family. I love going for bike rides, but I don't like falling off. I enjoy going up town with my family, but I don't like to wait so my mum can get coffee.

A trip down prize lane. My fake moustache is super special to me because I won it as a prize for christmas. My moustache is one of my favourite things in my house because it goes well with my police costume that my mum gave me. My moustache is special because I have never lost it in my life.

On my 7th birthday, I unwrapped a Nintendo! I was really excited ! A Nintendo is a console which you can slide the controllers out to play 2-player! There is a cost though, $645, wowser!!! I like to play Minecraft and Lego worlds on my Nintendo.

I have 2 kittens called Amber and Mittens. I love my kittens because they are really cute. Amber is very shy and emotional. You can’t run up and grab her, she will run away. Mittens is very playful. Mittens is not very easy to cuddle because she always wants to play.

We love picnics. We love movies. We love books. We love dinner in town.

My mum and dad say “never eat soggy weetbix” and they say “never eat rotten cabbage.

My family is special to me because they are the best at making dinner for me. My brother helps me work things out. My baby brother plays with me when I'm bored. My mum's name is Steph and my dad is called Todd. I like going to beautiful places with my family.

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Tayla Nicholson

My mission here at Wairakei Primary School is to assist children in developing their passion and skills to become lifelong learners. I believe it is vital that we allow the children to have an impact on the world one step at a time.

On a personal note, I am a fun and energetic person who loves all things sport. You will find me on the sideline of almost any sports game. I am involved in touch rugby, social football and hockey. I am also a little bit of a gym-junkie, who is always up for a challenge.

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