Unveiling the world of patterns

Room 14 dived into the fascinating world of patterns and relationships in mathematics. Students participated in a range of hands-on and interactive activities. These included, creating patterns out of different classroom materials such as beads and blocks. We continued picture patterns as well as co…

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Grayson - here is the photo I took of my pattern.

We ventured outdoors, armed with pattern-making knowledge. Room 14 students were eager to create patterns out of the things they could find outside. Leaves, stones and sticks were transformed into interesting patterns. 

The class captured the patterns they created outside and were able to bring these back to class  for group discussions using their ipads to take photographs. For example, veins in leaves, a snail's spirals and cracks in the tree bark.

Olive - here I have made a pattern leaf, rock, leaf rock.
Hazel - I learnt that this is a rotational pattern, any way I turn this plant it looks the same.
Emmanuel - the spine of the leaf has a stripe pattern.
Phenix - The rings on the stump are in a spiral pattern.
Braxton - The wood has māori patterns carved into it.

Our next steps are to find patterns by skip counting, and using addition and subtraction problems.


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