Watery Waterways

How did Room 4 create effective waterways without using a paintbrush?

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A Sphero is a robotic ball designed for exploring and learning. The Sphero connects to a digital device that students can use. The class chromebooks and ipads are used to code the Sphero to make it move.

The intention of the  learning was  to code the Spheros so that they can create picture that looks like the Waikato River. Room 4 had identified the  Waikato River as a local waterway starting in Taupō and heads out to sea at Port Waikato.

The students had to keep going back to debug their coding sequence when their Sphero moved in the wrong direction. These errors were detected by the students and then had to be solved before  the learning could continue.

I couldn’t find the speed button, my Sphero is moving really slowly.

Debugging and correcting the movements meant that the students got to have plenty of trial and error runs before we added paint and created their waterway.

 It was difficult to drive, I had to keep debugging it to fix the problems.

When you change direction you have to recenter the sphero.

I can see a map of what pattern I have created while it is moving. It also tells me the distance the Sphero has travelled.

I can see a map of where the Sphero is going to travel.

It did not work very well on grass because it is uneven.

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