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Curiosity is sparking as they question, explore, and keenly observe the wonders of the world. From delving into the mysteries of fossil formation to pondering the intricate web of life in the oceans, Room 11 has become a hub of scientific inquiry, learning to form questions, practising asking differ…

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Living world discussions are not limited to animals and oceans; plants take centre stage in Room 11. Currently, the students are engrossed in the fascinating journey of mung beans, witnessing firsthand the magic of germination and growth. Students have observed and described the beans. Measured and weighed them. Made a hypothesis about the life cyle of the bean and how it will look as it grows. The highlight was to use the magnifying glasses while observing the individual beans.

What are the oldest fish fossils?

What types of bacteria are found in the sea?

How deep is the deepest part of the  ocean and have people been down there?

What is the strongest sea animal in the world?

How big of an area is the biggest ocean?

Does the Bermuda Triangle exist?

Do things decay with bacteria in the sea like it does on the earth?

A special highlight was a virtual guest teaching session with marine biologist Dr. Lydia Baker from Miami. She not only answered every question that had been written down in readiness for the session, she challenged us with her statements and comments

The boys in the class decided that she opened personal learning doors to endless possibilities by sharing interesting work stories. Lydia is currently exploring the bacteria found on sharks and the effects it has on different sharks.

Did you know Tiger sharks are covered in stinky snot, which is caused by bacteria that grow on their skin? it's so bad that it stains your clothes and your friends smell it on your lunch if you touch one.

Did you know that there are more bacteria in the sea caused by humans than rubbish in the dumps. Some of it is helpful, the rest makes the plants and animals sick?

They are so tiny, I wonder if there will even be room for them to grow in these little jars as there are a lot of seeds into the containers.

I wonder how they will grow without soil. We flooded the seeds, I wonder if they will die.

I can’t wait to observe the changes they make every day. I predict they need the water to soften the outside case of the seed to allow it to start germination.

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Angel Chauval

Wairakei Primary school has a wonderful rural environment and an amazing community. I enjoy working with this community to help students rise to succeed. Learning happens everywhere and is different for every child, celebrating and challenging students is my drive as a teacher.

I strive to encourage every student to achieve to the best of their ability. My passions are Technology and Science. I use them as foundations in unlocking excitement and wonder to produce thinkers and creators.


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