Don’t Burst my Blobble

Blobble Write is an iPad application used by the students in Room 16 to practise and improve their handwriting skills. This fun and interactive tool uses a show and copy method for students to trace a chosen letter or number using their finger on the iPad screen.

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Sometimes it’s hard. I have to remember to keep my finger on the line.


Students select a letter or number. They watch a short instructional demonstration showing where to start, the direction to move in and the line to follow. Then, they use their finger to trace over the letter or number.

You Did It!

When a letter or number isn’t formed correctly students hear “Try again. They are provided with another opportunity to have a go. The instructional demonstration is repeated  and students are prompted where to start. Once the letter or number is formed correctly, the iPad sings out and displays, “You did it! This instant response is welcomed by students with smiles and giggles.


One of the main benefits of Blobble Write is the specific focus on formation using only a student’s finger. This allows students to concentrate solely on the starting point, directionality and formation of each letter or number. In addition to this, students are developing their hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and tracking skills.

I like it when I do it properly. It makes me feel happy.

I really like it when I do all the letters and all the letters have ticks.

Next Steps

As the students become more confident and competent with forming letters on an iPad, they will be able to translate this to their handwriting books. Students will have a clearer understanding of where to start a letter, which direction to move their pencil in and the shape of the letter.

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Fiona Griffin

I believe Wairakei Primary School is a special place. It provides a safe environment for our children to discover, create and develop their love of learning.

I grew up in Taupō and have lived here most of my life. I am married with two grown sons and two delightful grandchildren. My husband and I enjoy travelling, spending time with our family and friends, tramping and camping. I love arts and crafts, in particular painting and sketching. Before becoming a teacher, I was a tailor and had my own clothing design business. I still enjoy designing and making clothing, especially wedding dresses.

I have been a teacher since 2005. I joined Wairakei Primary School in 2018. I love teaching and I especially love teaching at Wairakei Primary School. I became a teacher after 7 years as a scout leader for 1st Taupō Scouts. This was where I realised my desire to inspire and educate children was more important to me than just one hour, once a week.


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