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My Nest is Best

Room 16 wants more Pīwakawaka and Tūī to live in and around their school.
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Don’t Burst my Blobble

Blobble Write is an iPad application used by the students in Room 16 to practise and improve their handwriting skills. This fun and interactive tool u…

Falling Feathers and Balancing Balloons

Each day the students in Room 16 participate in a range of movement activities using feathers, balloons, and paper plate batons. Behind the excitement…
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Jumping Cows and Laughing Dogs

When strolling past our classroom,

You’ll hear a pleasant sound,

Of students singing poems,

There is learning to be found.

Monsters and Robots

Students in Room 16 have been learning about shapes, focusing on identifying and describing them. The students created a Shape Monster and a Shape Rob…

Beautiful Butterflies

The butterfly life cycle is a thrilling process to observe, especially when it is happening right in front of you. In Room 16, watching tiny caterpill…
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Starting School is a Steaming Success

Steaming into School is unique to Wairakei Primary School, Taupō. It is a programme for children who are about to start school.
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Developing Independence at School

Developing personal independence at school is important for students. Team Poihipi implements the ‘Independent Learner Licence – Level 1’ to encourage…
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Trust Tree

The Trust Tree represents the class agreement to create a positive learning environment. Through several class discussions, the students agreed to wor…

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