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Your Lucio - Your light  

Room 4 secured one of three plant towers purchased by Wairakei Primary School as we continue to promote and develop healthy lifestyles at our fingertips.

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This innovative indoor garden tower allows you to easily grow your own vegetables year round using advanced hydroponic technology and energy-efficient LED lighting. This is exposing the students of Room 4 to easy vegetable growing that will help to  promote a healthy living and sustainability.

I think having a Your Lucio is good because we can grow veggies inside. It is teaching us how to eat healthy and it is sustainable for the environment.

The Your Lucio plant tower is designed to make gardening simple and fun for everyone, especially the students in Room 4.

I can see the lifecycle of a plant and how it grows. It shows me that the veggies I am eating are healthy.

It is very easy to grow and you do not need soil. You only require seeds, foam seed holders, water, nutrients, and power and then you are good to go.

Here we are adding the water to the correct level so that it covers the pump to be pumped around the tower to make the seeds grow.

We have planted snow pea sprouts and lettuce. It did not take long for us to see spouts starting to grow from our snow peas. It is exciting to see how fast or slow the seeds develop as it is not common for us to be able to see them develop as they are usually in soil, and away from the classroom. Learning about the plant life cycle is an exciting new process that is unfolding right before our eyes.  

Eagerly, the students have been talking about what we could use the lettuce we are growing for. Some suggested that lettuce is not the best eaten on its own. As it grows the class has suggested that we can use it on sandwiches or even burgers. The students now need to persuade Miss Nicholson in their writing to either make sandwiches or burgers, as they were not keen to settle on a salad alone.

Kian excited to transplant the lettuce into our plant tower so it can keep growing.

Next we could grow some cauliflower or sugarcane as he believes they are very yummy and the class would like them.

Kase completed some independent research and has discovered that sugarcane is full of sugar and can grow really tall so sugarcane won’t work in our plant tower. 

By providing this hands-on learning experience it also promotes healthy living. Fresh vegetables are packed with essential nutrients that help our bodies grow and stay strong. By growing our own vegetables, we will have access to nutritious and delicious produce right at your fingertips. Plus, growing vegetables and gardening is a great way to connect with nature as it develops a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

One thing that is good about having a Your Lucio is that the sound is soothing to listen to while we work. We get to check up on the plants everyday and see how much they have grown. I have noticed the snow peas have grown a lot.

Patiently, we wait for our vegetables to grow so we can start enjoying them.

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Tayla Nicholson

My mission here at Wairakei Primary School is to assist children in developing their passion and skills to become lifelong learners. I believe it is vital that we allow the children to have an impact on the world one step at a time.

On a personal note, I am a fun and energetic person who loves all things sport. You will find me on the sideline of almost any sports game. I am involved in touch rugby, social football and hockey. I am also a little bit of a gym-junkie, who is always up for a challenge.


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