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Tu meke Tuatara

Do you know that the tuatara is New Zealand’s largest reptile and is often called our living dinosaur? Room 14 do!
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Fresh Veg At Our Fingertips

Your Lucio - Your light  

Room 4 secured one of three plant towers purchased by Wairakei Primary School as we continue to promote and develop healthy…

Building Resilience

Building resilience is part of growing up. There are many opportunities during the school day to put this into practise. In our school life students c…
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Lizard Gardens

Room 14 have been diving deep into the life cycles of plants, learning the importance of nurturing our planet and our local community. Buzzing with ex…

Beneficial Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are short, purposeful breaks that allow young learners to refresh, recharge and refocus their brains. When students are given the chance …

Falling Feathers and Balancing Balloons

Each day the students in Room 16 participate in a range of movement activities using feathers, balloons, and paper plate batons. Behind the excitement…

Pattern Detectives

Room 11, has  been learning about patterns. To begin the learning journey, I needed to get an idea of what the class already knew about this subject a…

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