Lizard Gardens

Room 14 have been diving deep into the life cycles of plants, learning the importance of nurturing our planet and our local community. Buzzing with excitement, we learnt about what plants need to thrive. Through reading books, and watching science videos, we began to understand that just like us, pl…

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Here is my drawing of everything a plant needs. 

Our plant exploration didn’t stop at the classroom door. We worked with Kids Greening Taupo to help plant a lizard garden in Wairakei Village  in memory of Joe McCreadie, who was Tristan's Poppa Joe.

It made me feel happy building a lizard garden for my Poppa because now there will be lizards and a sign thing for him. 

We got to work planning and planting our lizard garden. After researching native plants that lizards love to call home we worked with our Room 3 buddy class and Rachel from Kids Greening Taupō to carefully select a variety of species that would provide shelter and food for these little creatures. We remembered the lesson about good soil, sunlight, water and even a sprinkle of worm poop, to create the perfect habitat for the lizards. 

As we dug and planted, I could see Room 14’s connection building, not only with their buddy class making connections to our classroom learning and putting that learning in to a practical project. We were not just learning about plants, we were learning to be Kaitiaki (guardians) of our land. 

So here's to all the hands that made it possible to create a space to remember Poppa Joe, but also a space for future kaitiaki (guardians).


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