I got my sign - It is finally here

Twelve years and the sign post is here. 


Standing proud at the front of the school. And it looks amazing. My eyes drift towards it as I enter the car park (of course - whilst watching for students and going 5kph). I have had parents acknowledge the sign and say they like it. Jeni and I both have been down to clean the dew off it as well. Just so it looks great for the start of the day.


Our Celebration of Learning was the best day. Classes filled to the brim with visual art inspired from a range of local national and international artists. Our visitors - of course we have visitors enjoyed being able to hear the stories behind the art and the journey taken to produce it. To produce a quality visual art piece a lot of elements have to go together to make it work. It’s the concept behind the art, it’s the exposure to the art materials and then it’s the time to practise to refine the final piece.

View the gallery here 

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