Passing Time

Time flies. Where do we fit everything in, in just one day?

Have you ever had the ‘time’ to actually sit down and ponder this question? Well, Room 12 have done exactly that.

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Eilidh’s day goes like this.  “First I eat breakfast. Then I get dressed. Then I go to school. Then I go home. Last, I read my book in bed.”

 We have been learning about ‘Time’ in our class and created a ‘Time Story’ by drawing pictures of the 5 main activities we do during the day. The students described their events to me and I wrote down what they said under their pictures. We joined the strip of paper together to make a continuous story. 

This showed that we usually do the same thing, especially on a school day.

and this following activity shows how we sequence events within a day. We used language like, ‘First,’  ‘Second I,’ Then I,’  ‘Next I,’ ‘Lastly I’ and ‘Finally I.’


What does your day look like Boyd? “First I watch ‘Unspeakable’ on TV. Then I eat my breakfast. Then I go to school. Then mum picks me up from school. And lucky last, I eat my dinner.” 

Gosh, no wonder you sleep well at night Boyd. What a busy day.



What do you fit in, in a day Ella? “First I watch Harlow and Popcorn. Then I eat my breakfast. Then I go to school. Then I read my book at home. Last, I eat my dinner.” 


What does your day entail William? “First I watch TV. Second, I get dressed. Then I go to school in mum’s car. Then I read my book. Then I read my book with my dad. The last thing I do is go to bed.”


What do you do on a school day Lillie? “I get up and give mum and dad a cuddle. Then I eat my breakfast. Then I go to school on the bus. Then I eat my dinner with my brother Oscar. Last, I brush my teeth.”


What things do you do during a school day Kaleb? “The first thing I do is I pack my lunchbox. The second thing I do is eat rice bubbles for breakfast. The next thing I do is go in my nan’s car to school. Then I eat dinner with mum and dad and nana. The last thing I do is, I hop in the bath.”

This was an engaging activity for the students and it was very interesting to hear about each other’s day. They did a great job illustrating their sequencing templates. 

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