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7 min Read

Go On Persuade Me

Part of a lawyer’s job is going to court to argue a client’s case. A judge or a jury decides if the client is right or wrong based on the arguments ma…

Passing Time

Time flies. Where do we fit everything in, in just one day?

Have you ever had the ‘time’ to actually sit down and ponder this question? Well, Room 12…

Getting Sorted - Statistics in the Junior School

Sorting or classifying objects is one of the early foundations of statistics. Teachers use a variety of items for students to sort to encourage them t…
4 min Read

Bricks Club Builds Social Skills

Whether you are the engineer, the supplier or the builder, Bricks Club is a favourite for students on this programme.

Maths definitely Matters

Sixty students. Twenty teams. Forty minutes. Twenty questions. One winning team. This is Mathsmatters, the mathematics event of the school year for Ye…

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