The Power of Movement

Room 16 have been practising moving our bodies.

Team Poihipi uses the Moving Smart programme to encourage this. During the week, we come together in mixed groups. We rotate through the activities to make sure that each student has a range of different movements to practise. These movements fall into several categories, including control, balance, and coordination. Pupils practise balancing on a low beam, catching and throwing a variety  of equipment including feathers, balls and balloons and crawling through a variety of obstacles.

Miss McKinnon watch me step over this  - Luca  

Finding new ways to use their bodies to cross and go under a beam was one of the students favourites. Students were then given the challenge of trying to avoid touching the beam while doing this. In addition to crawling beneath the beam, students discovered a variety of other methods, always making sure they were low or high enough to avoid touching it.




Within our classroom, happy sticks are a favourite. This game develops fine motor skills.  By climbing up and down the sticks with our fingers, twisting the sticks in our hands, and challenging students to use their  non-dominant hand helps develop the muscles in their fingers. This is important for learning to hold a pencil and to write. The students also practise listening to different beats in songs.

Can you do it like this Romi? - Charlotte

Social and motor skills improve through movement and the students have lots of fun along the way. Another well liked game is alphabet Bean bags. During this song, students have to change where in their body the beanbag goes according to the letter of the alphabet. For example, rub the beanbag on your neck, pat the beanbag, toss the beanbag, to name a few.




Making the most of the good weather and engaging in activities outside in the sunshine is another aspect of our movement programme. Taking the parachute and the balls outside was one activity we were able to successfully complete. In order for the balls to bounce on the parachute, students had to work together.  





Wow, look at the balls fly - Brodie 

Keywords: moving smart, parachute and balls, happy sticks, motor skills, coordination. 

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