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8 min Read

Lake Taupō and the Waikato River - an investigation

The inquiry focus was around water and we live in the perfect place to investigate it. We started by identifying what we already knew about water and …
4 min Read

May the Force Be With You

As part of Movement Magic Inquiry, Room 2 has been exploring the invisible forces that are all around us. Students have been learning through hands-on…

Animal Information reports

In Room 14 we are learning to write an information report. I asked students why learning this writing skill was important.
5 min Read

Animal Battle Bots

Most animals living on earth are hunted by predators, and many species have developed defence mechanisms. Students learned about different types of de…

Mack’s Tasty Fruit Salad

I was having a conversation with Mack about his weekend when he mentioned he had made a fruit salad with his mum.

Being a fan of this dessert, I aske…

Forces of Nature

Who knew nature was so deliberate and engineered?

Our driving question is "How many ways can you move an object (including your body)?"  Students are…
7 min Read

Catapulting into Learning

Beginning with an exploration into how forces makes things move, we had some fascinating conversations and thought-provoking statements during discuss…
4 min Read

Magic or Magnetism

Investigating the magic around the force of magnetism. Through experiments and investigations, students have found that magnetism is a force that attr…

Bugs for Breakfast

The Captain Marvel reading group read an interesting article in School Journal Level 2 May 2017. The story opened their eyes to the possible benefits …

Discovering Quoits

Room 13 used the game across several curriculum areas. The first was Physical Education. Quoits uses the whole body and encourages balance and  eye an…

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