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Fresh Veg At Our Fingertips

Your Lucio - Your light  

Room 4 secured one of three plant towers purchased by Wairakei Primary School as we continue to promote and develop healthy…
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Lizard Gardens

Room 14 have been diving deep into the life cycles of plants, learning the importance of nurturing our planet and our local community. Buzzing with ex…
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Riding the River

Throughout time, New Zealand's rivers and streams have played significant roles in the lives of people, plants, and animals. They have been used for t…
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Wonder Project - The Beginning

I wonder how we ignite creativity in young Kiwis? 


This is the prompt featured on the website of the Wonder Project, Engineering New Zealand’s fre…

Unleash Your Potential - Think and Create with Epro8

Engaged, focused, and enthusiastic students were observed interacting with each other and tackling the challenges presented during Epro8 STEM activiti…
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He taonga te tamaiti

Every Child is a Taonga
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Writing for Wingspan

Room 8 visited Wingspan, the National Bird of Prey Centre, as part of the inquiry into taonga. As we have found out, these birds are precious treasure…

STEM - Room 6

Room 6 has been taking on challenges with paper and with EPro8 kits. They are designed to give students opportunities to work alone or collaboratively…
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Process of design

Have you ever wanted to invent something? Room 5 did and they took on the role of mini inventors, turning their own imaginative ideas into models and …

Beautiful Butterflies

The butterfly life cycle is a thrilling process to observe, especially when it is happening right in front of you. In Room 16, watching tiny caterpill…

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