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Out and About Around the School

A trip to the gully, the maze, and the aquaponics unit have helped Room 12 unpack what an ecosystem is and to use these experiences to write informati…
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Tu meke Tuatara

Do you know that the tuatara is New Zealand’s largest reptile and is often called our living dinosaur? Room 14 do!
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Swoop Week

A “swoop” is a descriptive writing activity where students respond to an image.
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Shiny Shades

What if you wanted to go on an adventure, and all you had with you was some shiny shades, a magic map and some mouldy mayo to help you get through? Th…
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Digital Citizens

Digital citizenship is an overarching concept requiring students to be confident and capable users of digital devices. They can use the language, symb…
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Let's get into it!

Spelling is a fundamental aspect of written communication. It enables students to convey their thoughts, ideas, and messages clearly and accurately. T…
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Writing with a Purpose

Adults, when we sit down to write, do so for a specific purpose and audience. We write letters and emails to express our views, to apply for jobs or t…
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Learn by Doing

The objective was to use the Stop Motion App to create a short movie retelling a local  Maori narrative. Stop Motion is a free app that makes short an…
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Seasons Change

During ‘Times are Changing,’ Room 16 discovered that the seasons change during the year.
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Jumping Cows and Laughing Dogs

When strolling past our classroom,

You’ll hear a pleasant sound,

Of students singing poems,

There is learning to be found.

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