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Beyond the Ballot

Are you tired of playing on destroyed sports fields? Do you want cleaner streets and more fresh air? These are some of the policy ideas campaigned in …
4 min Read

Tech Savvy Students

Room 5 delved into the world of coding using Scratch and Scratch Jr, embarking on a creative journey of digital storytelling. By using these coding ap…
6 min Read

Digital Citizens

Digital citizenship is an overarching concept requiring students to be confident and capable users of digital devices. They can use the language, symb…
4 min Read

Digital Technology In Action

The build digital technology skills progresses as students move through primary school. These skills are broken down into achievable tasks as part of …
3 min Read

Learn by Doing

The objective was to use the Stop Motion App to create a short movie retelling a local  Maori narrative. Stop Motion is a free app that makes short an…
< 1min Read

Get Sketching

What is sketchnoting? Sketchnoting is visual note taking - using doodles and text to improve memory, recall, and comprehension.

Watery Waterways

How did Room 4 create effective waterways without using a paintbrush?

Unleash Your Potential - Think and Create with Epro8

Engaged, focused, and enthusiastic students were observed interacting with each other and tackling the challenges presented during Epro8 STEM activiti…
< 1min Read

He taonga te tamaiti

Every Child is a Taonga

STEM - Room 6

Room 6 has been taking on challenges with paper and with EPro8 kits. They are designed to give students opportunities to work alone or collaboratively…

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