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Shining the Light on Storytelling

Room 11 has been learning about Māori narratives and how knowledge and history are passed on through the art of storytelling. When Māori first arrived…
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Timelines in Action

Room 14 has been using drama to  step into the shoes of others. This has fostered an understanding  of Taupō’s history from pre-colonised times to the…
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Learn by Doing

The objective was to use the Stop Motion App to create a short movie retelling a local  Maori narrative. Stop Motion is a free app that makes short an…

Kowaiwhai Transformations

Every student in Room 2 designed their own kowhawhai patterns, in a project which combined artistic expression with mathematical concepts, cultural ap…
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Jumping Cows and Laughing Dogs

When strolling past our classroom,

You’ll hear a pleasant sound,

Of students singing poems,

There is learning to be found.
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Get Sketching

What is sketchnoting? Sketchnoting is visual note taking - using doodles and text to improve memory, recall, and comprehension.

Connecting with Taupō History and Culture

Education is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. Poihipi students experienced this on a field trip to the Taupō Museum, Library, and Pou on…
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He taonga te tamaiti

Every Child is a Taonga
6 min Read

Art skills a plenty

Room 12 wanted to take a slightly different look at the popular self portrait Visual Arts activity. 

We decided to use the 19th century Italian artis…

Monsters and Robots

Students in Room 16 have been learning about shapes, focusing on identifying and describing them. The students created a Shape Monster and a Shape Rob…

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