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The Kuia and the Spider

An effective way of integrating te Reo into the classroom is by using picture books.
6 min Read

Untapping the Skills Within

Art exists in many forms and evokes different meanings for different people. Exploring the idea that everything can be art we have been using the Scot…

2022 MERC Taupō Camp

Our Year 6 students challenged themselves to brave the weather and explore what is in our backyard for the annual Year 6 Camp. We changed things up th…
9 min Read

Green Makes Me Go

We can experience colour. We can smell and touch colour. We can even feel colour. As part of our Move to Grow inquiry, Room 3 has been exploring colou…
< 1min Read

Let’s read together - The Kings Sock

Share reading is a powerful tool in a teacher’s skill set. A teacher models the skills of a proficient reader including - predicting, examining the pi…

Where am I? Exploring Positional Language

Room One has been exploring the language of positions and the synonyms for each of them as part of our term inquiry.

Animal Information reports

In Room 14 we are learning to write an information report. I asked students why learning this writing skill was important.

Mack’s Tasty Fruit Salad

I was having a conversation with Mack about his weekend when he mentioned he had made a fruit salad with his mum.

Being a fan of this dessert, I aske…
4 min Read

Reading superstars

During the ‘Moving Our Learning’ inquiry, we exposed ourselves to a wide range of scientific and technical articles during our reading time. Our Kākā …

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