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Where Do I Fit In?

Our Place Moves Me, has been Ohaaki’s inquiry focus for learning. One of the big learning areas around this has focused on people connecting to places…

Students as Teachers

Learning around persuasive writing and statistics by working on a P.P.F.P.P - ‘Past, Present, Future Passion Project’. Students chose their passion, t…
3 min Read

Playground Drama

Playgrounds are a vital part of school - just ask any student. Along with the fun factor, playgrounds support physical and social development. Unfortu…
7 min Read

Go On Persuade Me

Part of a lawyer’s job is going to court to argue a client’s case. A judge or a jury decides if the client is right or wrong based on the arguments ma…

Passing Time

Time flies. Where do we fit everything in, in just one day?

Have you ever had the ‘time’ to actually sit down and ponder this question? Well, Room 12…
2 min Read

The Best in the Multiverse

Exaggeration makes everything bigger, better, and a lot more exciting. Students have been learning to use hyperbole (exaggeration) in their writing, f…
4 min Read

Carving up a good read

Gaining life perspectives from stories and articles is a rich learning experience.

Double It!

What do you do when a fantastic teaching opportunity lands in your lap? You run with it, boots and all. That’s exactly what happened when announced in…
4 min Read

Using Our Senses

Teachers use a variety of motivations to encourage students to write. Hands-on experiences at any age level are great motivators and encourage student…

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