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Meaty Mathematics

Wairakei Primary School teachers have been learning how to get their students to engage in meaty mathematics tasks.

Data Dilemma

Learning to read and use a calendar is an important life skill. Room 4 have been interpreting a calendar and realise that they need to have a good und…

Combining Patterns and Culture

Room 13 learnt about beats, loops, teamwork, and rhythm whilst working with Māori rākau to create a short musical piece to Tutira mai. Māori used thes…

Simple Machines and Measurement

Room 2 has been on a measurement mission. Measuring, constructing, calculating, and discovering the magic of simple machines.

Around the outside and back through the middle

Hands on, modelling, restructuring, and moving materials have all helped Room 1 students to gain an understanding of area and perimeter.

Unveiling the world of patterns

Room 14 dived into the fascinating world of patterns and relationships in mathematics. Students participated in a range of hands-on and interactive ac…

Managing Minecraft

Room 3 students know how to work out the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles and their teacher knows how to set a purposeful Minecraft learni…

Exploring with Patterns

Patterns are an essential concept that lays the foundation for various mathematical and cognitive skills. They are all around us, from the arrangement…

Dealing to Decimals

Training for the inter school Mathematics competition is underway for Years 5 and 6 students.

Pattern Detectives

Room 11, has  been learning about patterns. To begin the learning journey, I needed to get an idea of what the class already knew about this subject a…

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